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Mouza     July 04, 2016     0 Comments

Anthony’s movie ‘Triple 9‘ have been released on Blu-ray & DVD earlier last month. You can buy it on Amazon, iTunes or your preferred outlet.

Meanwhile, I’ve updated the gallery with additional stills, posters, screencaptures and a small treat for you guys, I’ve got my hand on a few outtakes of Anthony’s promotional shoot for the movie, enjoy.


2016 – Triple 9Production Stills
2016 – Triple 9Posters
2016 – Triple 9Promotional Pictures (outtakes)
2016 – Triple 9 – Movie Screencaptures
2016 – Triple 9Deleted Scene

Mouza     April 19, 2016     0 Comments

The Asian leg of the “Captain America: Civil War” press tour kicked off today with #TeamCap (Anthony, Chris & Sebastian) attending a press conference earlier today that was followed by a premiere, which you can watch a part of thanks to the Russo Brothers streaming it on their facebook page.

Check out some of the photos I could find (huge thanks to my friends Aurélie & Emily for some of them) and some additional posters from around the world.


2016 – 19 April – ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Beijing Press Conference
2016 – 19 April – ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Beijing Premiere
Movie Projects – 2016 – Captain America: Civil War – Posters

Mouza     March 29, 2016     0 Comments

I’ve updated the gallery with over 500 screencap of Anthony’s Christmas movie “The Night Before” which is out on Digital HD + Blu Ray on iTunes and sale outlets.


Mouza     March 29, 2016     0 Comments

I’ve updated the gallery with additional released art of Anthony as The Falcon.

Mouza     March 21, 2016     0 Comments

Just wanted to give you guys an update of what’s been happening behind the scenes on the site.

Thanks to my friend Kaci, we have a brand new Information & Career pages that have been updated with the latest info and pictures.

I’m also pleased to announce that as of today, Anthony’s filmography part of the gallery is complete. There are a couple of missing movies that I’m trying to find, but other than that, any new update will be concerning new projects as all the old ones have been covered.

And lastly, the gallery have been updated with additional Civil War Stills and promotional art: