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Mouza     April 30, 2016     0 Comments

Hey everyone, I don’t want to jinx it but as we’re having a quiet couple of days before Anthony kicks off press in the US again for both ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and his new HBO movie ‘All The Way,’ decided to do some catch up with a few photos I couldn’t update in the last few weeks.

Huge thanks to my friends AurélieCarol, Alikat for some of the photos and a special shout out to my friend Pafhan who attended the Singapore Premiere and sent me some photos she took.


2016 – 21 April – ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Singapore Premiere
2016 – 25 April – “Captain America Civil War” – UK Press Conference 
2016 – All The Way – Poster 
2015 – Session 005 
Digital Scans – 2016 06 Empire

Mouza     April 21, 2016     0 Comments

With my never ending gratitude to the Sebastian to my Mackie, I’ve updated the gallery with a new promotional photoshoot the team did today before the premiere.


Mouza     December 27, 2015     0 Comments

I’ve updated the gallery with additional photos of Anthony during Shelter’s press conference and a new photoshoot he did with his co-stars of The Night Before.



Photo Sessions – 2015 – Session 002
Photo Sessions – 2015 – Session 003

Mouza     October 12, 2015     0 Comments

I’ve updated the site with a newly released photoshoot of Anthony from 2014. You can check it out by clicking on the preview below: