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Mouza     October 31, 2015     0 Comments

Hey everyone,

First of all, thought it was time for a new layout for the site with all the new photoshoots I have added to the gallery. Thanks to my friend Jasper ( for the new design.

Into the gallery updates, I’ve uploaded +100 pictures of Mackie attending some events & the latest screencaptures of trailers/stills that was released from his upcoming movies:


Mouza     October 06, 2015     0 Comments

I’ve updated the site with some missing photos of The Night Before, inlcuding some filming photos, poster, stills & trailer screencaptures. You can check them out by clicking on the preview below:


Movie Projects – 2015 – The Night Before – On Set
Movie Projects – 2015 – The Night Before – Production Stills
Movie Projects – 2015 – The Night Before – Posters
Movie Projects – 2015 – The Night Before – Trailer Screencaptures

Mouza     May 17, 2015     0 Comments

With a huge thanks to my friend Ann, I’ve uploaded pictures of Anthony on the set of “Captain America: Civi War” in Atlanta. Please be aware that the pictures might be considered “spoilers” so avoid clicking on the picture if you wish to remain unspoiled:

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