2005 – McReele

Directed by:Doug Hughes
Written by: Stephen Belber
Produced by: Roundabout Theatre Company
Production year: 2005
Original release: February 24, 2005 – May 1, 2005
Opening Night: February 24, 2005
Other cast: Jodi Long, Michael O’Keefe, Portia

Gifted with wit and intelligence, Stephen Belber writes a frighteningly charismatic character in Darius McReele. On his podium, his populist confidence carves a way to convince his audience and voters of, sometimes, unusual and oversimplified social solutions. He grows to become loved by many but instinctively lures women and men to ultimately use them as pawns in his trajectory of “good intentions”.McReele is a story of trust and manipulation in US politics but resonates with Australians as the impact of North American politics is ever increasing on our nation.