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Anthony’s movie ‘Triple 9‘ have been released on Blu-ray & DVD earlier last month. You can buy it on Amazon, iTunes or your preferred outlet.

Meanwhile, I’ve updated the gallery with additional stills, posters, screencaptures and a small treat for you guys, I’ve got my hand on a few outtakes of Anthony’s promotional shoot for the movie, enjoy.


2016 – Triple 9Production Stills
2016 – Triple 9Posters
2016 – Triple 9Promotional Pictures (outtakes)
2016 – Triple 9 – Movie Screencaptures
2016 – Triple 9Deleted Scene

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As Anthony Mackie this week reprises the role of the winged Falcon in Captain America: Civil War, he’s signed on to star in a movie about the case that made a legal superhero out of Johnnie Cochran. And this one didn’t involve OJ Simpson. Mackie is set to play Cochran in an untitled film about his dogged pursuit of justice in the Signal Hill police brutality case in 1981. The script is by David McMillan, who was among last year’s Fox Writers Intensive finalists and recently was a staff writer on Lucifer.

The film is being backed by The Firm, and Mackie and Jason Spire will produce with Robbie Brenner, The Firm’s president of film whom they first worked with on the Frank E. Flowers-directed Haven. [Source]

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The Asian leg of the “Captain America: Civil War” press tour kicked off today with #TeamCap (Anthony, Chris & Sebastian) attending a press conference earlier today that was followed by a premiere, which you can watch a part of thanks to the Russo Brothers streaming it on their facebook page.

Check out some of the photos I could find (huge thanks to my friends Aurélie & Emily for some of them) and some additional posters from around the world.


2016 – 19 April – ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Beijing Press Conference
2016 – 19 April – ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Beijing Premiere
Movie Projects – 2016 – Captain America: Civil War – Posters

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